Sunday, January 13, 2013

Freight House: the handrails

Hello, everyone. Just a quick build update as I did manage to deal with the handrails on the freight house model over the weekend.

I certainly don't hold myself out to be a master modeler (and I'm sure you're seeing a multitude of sins in these very close up shots... click the picture to get really close in), but I rather like the way the handrails turned out. I built them up out of .025" Plastruct rod. For your amusement, I've included a number of in progress pictures.

I think I'll install those window A/C units next.


  1. Tom -

    Grand Master? No, but you have my vote for Master. Those low angle shots look so great even unpainted. I almost feel like I drank too much at The Fox and Goose and woke up there. LOL.

    - Kevin

  2. Ha! Thanks for the very kind words Kevin! Hopefully my modeling isn't giving you double vision!