Saturday, April 30, 2011

the latest on Carlaw's

And lest you think that I've just spent my time detailing the Donut Truck...

Here is a picture from the last SMR operations session. I propped up the front wall of Carlaw's against the cardstock mockup.  I'm hoping the edges of the older Carlaw painted sign decal get knocked down some by a coat or two of clear flat that I'm going to spray soon.

Just like the prototype the building the structure is going to be right next to the sidewalk.

Ed's Donuts from the front... and early street work.

I thought I'd add a front picture of Ed's Donut truck...  I forgot to mention that I made a Divco badge decal for which I could have probably have gotten away with a bit of red paint.  I also added a steering wheel as there isn't one supplied in the kit. The kit also doesn't come with windshields - I used clear styrene stuck in place with Micro Kristal Klear.  I used the Kristal Klear to 'create' the side windows. 

Also seen in this picture is a bit of test street.  I'm making my streets on the module (and someday on the layout) with Scultamold (using the methods described by Bob Smaus in a RMC article from a few years ago).  Downtown Sacramento streets had (and still have) a green strip next to the sidewalk.  I still haven't decided on the coloring for the gutters and sidewalk. 

I took a day off yesterday to get some errands done and went down to 10th and R streets to take some sidewalk pictures. While there I had a lovely breakfast at the Fox and Goose in the building that I'll be modeling as the WP Fuller and company paint warehouse.  This is a British style pub and they were celebrating the royal wedding yesterday by giving away pieces of wedding cake.  Good fun.  

Ed's Donuts

My friend Kathleen over at Foodiddy reminds me that today, between noon and 6 pm, is the day for sactomofo, the Sacramento Mobile Food festival.  The event is being held in Fremont park at 16th and Q - a mere block from my beloved R Street (and thus I claim relevance to this blog)

This, then, seems as good a time as any to show a picture of my little attempt at a food truck - Ed's Donuts.

This started out as a Walthers Divco Milk delivery truck (which was originally a Magnuson Models kit I believe).  I threw on some photo etched side mirrors I had as extras from a Sylvan kit. Donuts, which you can't see in this picture are from a neat little set from Vector Cut. Front headlights, also not pictured, I replaced with MV lenses. (check the post after this to see a different angle)  I also replaced the wheels with a couple of sets from Dennis Aust. I made custom decals using the decal paper from Micro Mark.  The guy inside the truck was originally a farmer from a Revell farm kit. You can't see it in this picture but I carved the guy's cowboy hat into an approximation of the hats that donut sellers wear...  whatever those are called.

I've been trying to fix up a battery powered interior light in the main part of the truck with mixed success...

The project is something of a departure for me as it is not prototype driven (although I did study many Divco truck pictures) but it has been useful to work on a number of skills and techniques.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


oops... I was trying to email myself this link to a German forum with some nice sign graphics that the Railroad-line forums folks were talking about, but instead I emailed my autopost email account I guess.

Well since I haven't posted in a while, I'll just let this stay as some small proof that I have not wandered off too far.