Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ed's Donuts

My friend Kathleen over at Foodiddy reminds me that today, between noon and 6 pm, is the day for sactomofo, the Sacramento Mobile Food festival.  The event is being held in Fremont park at 16th and Q - a mere block from my beloved R Street (and thus I claim relevance to this blog)

This, then, seems as good a time as any to show a picture of my little attempt at a food truck - Ed's Donuts.

This started out as a Walthers Divco Milk delivery truck (which was originally a Magnuson Models kit I believe).  I threw on some photo etched side mirrors I had as extras from a Sylvan kit. Donuts, which you can't see in this picture are from a neat little set from Vector Cut. Front headlights, also not pictured, I replaced with MV lenses. (check the post after this to see a different angle)  I also replaced the wheels with a couple of sets from Dennis Aust. I made custom decals using the decal paper from Micro Mark.  The guy inside the truck was originally a farmer from a Revell farm kit. You can't see it in this picture but I carved the guy's cowboy hat into an approximation of the hats that donut sellers wear...  whatever those are called.

I've been trying to fix up a battery powered interior light in the main part of the truck with mixed success...

The project is something of a departure for me as it is not prototype driven (although I did study many Divco truck pictures) but it has been useful to work on a number of skills and techniques.


  1. Nice work!


    "Donuts: Is there anything they can't do?"
    Homer Simpson

  2. Thanks, Tom. Gotta love a good Homer quote.

  3. Awesome Tom - Mmmmm Donuts!