Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Model Citizens - A Documentary Project

A little post on a non R Street topic today. Still model railroading, though.

I've become very interested in a Kickstarter project for a documentary film all about the hobby of model railroading and the people in it. Excerpts can be seen at her website

Sara Kelly has been working for a couple of years on this documentary and could use funds to help with further production.

I've really liked what I've seen; I think it could be very important and useful for the hobby and as such have backed the Kickstarter at

I encourage everyone to check it out.

Now... back to that freight house model...


  1. Not having sought better resources, I simply assumed that R St was the original rail corridor from Sacramento out to points east, after deducing as much by comparing old and current maps online. It must have been quite the place in railroading's heyday. Does it reflect on the practicality of the city fathers that R stands for Railroading? I've always found it nice that the Capitol sits on M, smack in the middle of the alphabet, so choosing R for the railroad makes sense too.

  2. Hi Don- thanks for the question. Sorry I didn't see it until today.

    The 'R is for Railroad' thought crossed my mind as well, but as far as I can tell it is just coincidental. When Theodore Judah surveyed the line from Sacramento to Folsom for the Sacramento Valley Railroad he ran two lines, one down M street and one down R. The M street line ended up going through farm property while the R street line ran behind these same farms and it was simply less expensive to purchase the right of way using the R Street line.