Monday, August 4, 2014

Freight House - some progress...

 In my last post, I hoped that the work on the new handrail would spur some action on the model as a whole. It appears to have done just that. Over the weekend I pulled out the walls that had been worked on and started on some additional walls. I also began assembling walls together. The shots next to the toaster oven just show a quick mock up of the walls; I wanted to make sure the thing will fit on the drop in module. The building itself will rest on a foundation pad that will raise it up about four scale feet. This pad will jut out the end of the freight house (opposite the two story freight office section) and there will be a loading ramp on that end. The pad also includes the stairs up to the office building with that handrail that I worked on last time. I plan to permanently mount the foundation to the drop in module, but the building will come off in two sections plus the roof (also in two sections probably). The last picture shows the beginnings of the truck loading side of the building. I only have one picture that only shows me part of this wall- so everything after a certain point on the north eastern section is just an educated guess on my part. 

I'm hoping that I can keep this momentum going for a little while.   

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