Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ed's Donuts from the front... and early street work.

I thought I'd add a front picture of Ed's Donut truck...  I forgot to mention that I made a Divco badge decal for which I could have probably have gotten away with a bit of red paint.  I also added a steering wheel as there isn't one supplied in the kit. The kit also doesn't come with windshields - I used clear styrene stuck in place with Micro Kristal Klear.  I used the Kristal Klear to 'create' the side windows. 

Also seen in this picture is a bit of test street.  I'm making my streets on the module (and someday on the layout) with Scultamold (using the methods described by Bob Smaus in a RMC article from a few years ago).  Downtown Sacramento streets had (and still have) a green strip next to the sidewalk.  I still haven't decided on the coloring for the gutters and sidewalk. 

I took a day off yesterday to get some errands done and went down to 10th and R streets to take some sidewalk pictures. While there I had a lovely breakfast at the Fox and Goose in the building that I'll be modeling as the WP Fuller and company paint warehouse.  This is a British style pub and they were celebrating the royal wedding yesterday by giving away pieces of wedding cake.  Good fun.  

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